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Our monthly newsletter is available on this website. Click the titles below to go the respective sections.

Calendar: This is a 16 picture view of the biggest movies being released in the month. Click on any picture and go right to a trailer. Print it out for display to create more customer awareness.

Direct to DVD : These are the straight-to-video and lesser known titles being released. Sometimes these will have lower retail prices than the "A" titles. In many cases these movies have well-known actors in them and are quite good. We showcase the top titles coming out. As with the CALENDAR, you can click on the cover art, and it will take you to a trailer of the movie. This will help you decide which ones to bring in.

Reviews: These are for the big "A" titles in the order and ranking that is recorded on our ORDER NOW page. The header bar contains the following information: street date, success ranking, genre, it's retail price, box office gross, number of screens shown at widest distribution and MPAA rating. We provide a picture of the box art and a synopsis of the film. We also highlight the filmography of the actors featured and similar titles at the end of each review that might interest those that enjoy that particular film. Print this out for your customers to use as well.







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